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Charles Poynton – Mathematica consulting

I am available for Mathematica consulting and training. I am located in Toronto. (I am equipped with the usual a screen-sharing conferencing apps, should you be interested in remote collaboration.) I am Mac-centric, and running macOS Mojave (10.14); however, my Mac laptop and tower machines both run Windows 7 (either running Win7 directly on my hardware with Boot Camp drivers, or running Win7 under Parallels). Also, I am quite familiar with Linux (having worked at Sun for 7 years).

I have used Mathematica for decades, since version 2.2 in 1993. My experience derives from developing a lot of code for my own use, mainly concerning colour science, video, HD, digital cinema, and signal processing.

I’m licensed for version 12; I am familiar with Wolfram’s trial and home edition licenses, including in classroom settings; I am familiar with Wolfram | Alpha, and with the Wolfram language.

I have done lots of hardware development over the years (including microcontrollers, embedded code, and FPGAs), and so I am quite confident in my ability to handle Raspberry Pi.

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