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Filter design software

This is an ancient page that used to summarize freely-available FIR filter design software that is or was available, most in source code form, on the net. Most or all of the links are now dead; some of this information may be available at new URLs. I would be happy to receive updates on any of these links, or any new links that provide more current information.

Much commercial software is available for designing filters. (In particular, MATLAB's filter toolbox has FIR filter design capability built-in.) Information on commercial packages is outside the scope of this page. I don't have the knowledge or resources to track the latest developments or to maintain an inventory of commercial sites of DSP vendors. DSPnet and EE Toolbox perform that function already.

I maintain this page as a public service. I do the best I can to keep things up to date, but (unfortunately) I have no control over other people's e-mail addresses, web sites, ftp sites, etc. If you discover a broken link, perhaps you could spend a few minutes searching. Then, instead of sending e-mail saying "your links are broken, your site sux," you can instead send a correction that I will make as soon as I receive it. This way, we spread the workload, and we all benefit. Thanks.

If you know of other freely available packages, please drop a line.

There are a few nascent interactive filter design systems on the web.

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