Colour Science for Digital Cinematography

all-day workshop
Tue Sep 25, 2018
presented by HFF Munich

Registration: EUR 275+VAT. To register, contact

When cinema was acquired, graded, and exhibited on photographic film, a very small number of film manufacturers set the colour science. “System design” was the exclusive domain of the film manufacturers. Now, it is extremely rare to shoot, post, or exhibit a movie on film. There is a diversity of manufacturers at every stage in the digital pipeline. Manufacturers may or may not perform adequate system design among their own products, but in practice every production uses equipment from several manufacturers, and a large question arises: Who does the system design?

Cinematographers plan that the images launched into the production/post/grading/mastering pipeline best serve the story being told. The cinematographer should be the primary high-level system designer. But a rather new knowledge base is required: the colour science of digital cinematography.

Topics include:

In addition to being of interest to cinematographers that use real cameras, the workshop will also be of interest to the CGI/VFX community, who use virtual cameras. It is important in many CGI/VFX productions to produce images that look like they came from an actual camera, so all of the issues above are in play.

The workshop is suitable for people in the following jobs:

Bring your questions about cameras/CGI/VFX: We plan for a dynamic, interactive session.