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Timo provides, at his so-called Accurate Image Manipulation site, a page of links. The presentation of these links may seem, at first glance, to support Timo's thesis. I feel obligated to point out that of the 75% of the links that are functional, most of these references do not support Timo's thesis; in fact, they undermine it!

As far as I am aware, at 1998-03-18, none of these sites link to the obsolete Bourgin colorspace-faq, and none reference Timo's site. Several of the referenced sites link to my Gamma FAQ and Color FAQ; a few of them (flagged with *, below) recommend my FAQs highly. I know this all sounds really catty.

You'll notice that several of these links reference display information originating from sites specialized in microscope imagery. This is Timo's area of professional interest. By itself, this is not bad. However, keep in mind that the goals of scientific image data acquisition sometimes conflict with the goals of high-quality color image reproduction.

Barco   BARCO Introduction to Color Theory, Monitor Calibration and Color Management. Contrary to Timo's assertion, information on this Barco page does not support Timo's insistence on linear intensity coding. See Calibration is not necessarily linearization, which directly addresses the Barco Calibrator monitor!
Color spaces FAQ by David Bourgin, hosted by Alvis Harding, <adh@george.ach.uams.edu>   Bourgin's "colorspace-faq" is obsolete, and has been replaced by my Gamma FAQ and Color FAQ. For the Bourgin story, see Concerning Timo.
Color spaces FAQ by David Bourgin   This second reference to Bourgin's FAQ uses a different link. Timo links to an archaic copy of Bourgin's FAQ, on a server located in Brazil - a server with no e-mail contact information, and no home page! The mirrored document was formatted in HTML by Rick Davis (who has, at his own site, replaced Bourgin's FAQ with my FAQ). Meow!
Ruben's Research
(Inaccessible at 1998-03-20)
  The host has no DNS entry. No amount of searching at the University of Wollongong site turns up either Ruben or his Ph.D.
Molecular Imaging Laboratory
(Inaccessible at 1998-03-20)
  By Alvis Harding, adh@george.ach.uams.edu. There is an alternate URL for the site (inaccessible at 1998-03-20). At 1998-03-18, the main page was accessible, but the links to "What Do We Really See?" and "Color Imaging", both pages recomended by Timo, were broken at both sites.
Remote Sensing Notes
(Page missing at 1998-03-20)
  by Allan H. Evans, <A.Evans@unsw.edu.au>. Evans has a home page, but the page indicated by Timo is gone.
* CGSD - Gamma Correction Home Page   CGSD was founded by Roy Latham <rlatham@cgsd.com>. This is an excellent site. (It undermines Timo's thesis.) The page says, "We would like to thank Charles Poynton whose online documents helped us to better understand gamma and the way it is used in various systems." Thanks, Roy!
Color Basics   Colin Ware, <cware@unb.ca> This is a good introduction to (as the title says) Color Basics. Little mention is made of nonlinear coding.
* Monitor Gamma   Robert W. Berger, <rwb@cs.cmu.edu>, <rwb@vtiscan.com>. Berger says, at the bottom of the page, "Charles Poynton has written some excellent FAQ's and articles."
Shaf's display management page   by Michael Shaffer <mshaf@darkwing.uoregon.edu>. Timo links to an outdated, mirrored copy (dated October 1995). The current page is provided by Shaf himself, as shAf's display management page.
* Things You Should Know About Color Printing   by Michael Schindler. He says in the first paragraph, "For a more complete discussion of several color related topics see Poynton's Color Technology Page. The Color FAQ is highly recommended if you are interested in details."
Dot gain and tonal control for printing   by Colorite. These pages are quite good, but there is no discussion of linear or nonlinear coding.

See also: Concerning Timo - Linear and nonlinear coding - Gamma FAQ

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