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Spectral data

Jouni Haanpalo, <>, has measured spectral data from many objects. He made this data available at an ftp site, but the files are apparently unavailable (at 1999-05-23). He had a web page, but at 1999-05-23 the page is apparently unavailable. I have not been in touch with him; it seems he's left the university.

The remainder of this page provides links to the original files, at their original locations. They are not copied or available at my site.

The files are available in ASCII text format (Gzip compressed), and MatLab format (Gzip compressed). Some are tar'd. You can find information about document formats. All of the links here access Haanpalo's ftp server.

On the other hand, you might try to access the LUT pages directly.

Set README ASCII format, Gzip'd MatLab format, Gzip'd
Agfa IT8.7: The Agfa ColorReference, designed according to the ANSI IT8.7 standard. README.txt agfait872.dat.gz agfait872.mat.gz
Candy: The absorbance spectra of 10 different candy dyes. README.txt candy190_820_2.tar.gz candy_matlab.mat.gz
Daylight: Measurements of a reference white (BaSO4), spruce tree (about 100 meters from the measuring instrument), and the sky, all in different daylight illuminations. README.txt daylight.asc.tgz daylight.mat.tgz
Forest colors: The reflectance spectra of the needles of young (less than 40 years old) individual Scoth pine and Norway spruce, and the leaves of a birch. README.txt forest380_850_5.tar.gz forest_matlab.tar.gz
Lumber: The spectra from sawn timber branches and from pure sawn timber without any branches. README.txt lumber380_2700_1.tar.gz lumber_matlab.tar.gz
Munsell colors, matte (AOTF) README.txt munsell400_700_5.tar.gz munsell400_700_5.mat.gz
Munsell colors, glossy (spectrophotometer) README.txt munsell400_700_10.asc.gz munsell400_700_10.mat.gz
Munsell colors, matte (spectrophotometer) README.txt munsell380_800_1.asc.gz munsell380_800_1.mat.gz
Natural colors, collected from the nature, including flowers, leaves, and other colourful plants. README.txt natural400_700_5.asc.gz (not provided)
Paper: The reflectance spectra of coloured newsprint, paper, and cardboard samples. README.txt paper400_700_10.tar.gz paper_matlab.tar.gz

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