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ICCE 2002

Las Vegas, June 17, 2002

Digital Video and HDTV Algorithms and Interfaces

Presenter: Charles Poynton

Duration: 1 day

Charles Poynton will present an in-depth, one-day course on digital video and HDTV signal processing, algorithms, and interfaces, based upon his forthcoming book Digital Video and HDTV Algorithms and Interfaces. Consumer video engineers will be able to apply this information to design signal processing circuits that achieve accurate color reproduction, smooth motion, and a minimum of artifacts.

Basic Principles of Digital Video
Raster images, aspect ratios, quantization, perceptual uniformity, flicker, refresh rate, frame rate, motion portrayal, interlaced scanning, image structure and resolution, Kell effect, viewing distance and angle, filtering, sampling, aliasing, interpolation, decimation, image digitization and reconstruction, spatiotemporal domains, spatial frequency, comb filtering, square and nonsquare sampling, resampling.

Gamma and Color
Contrast ratio, rendering intent, luminance (CIE Y) and lightness (CIE L*), the CIE system of colorimetry, CIE XYZ, xyY, color science for video, RGB tristimulus signals, sRGB, transformations between RGB and CIE XYZ, gamma, limitations of 8-bit linear coding, gamma in emerging display devices.

Video systems
Constant luminance, luma & chroma, color difference coding (Y'CBCR, Y'PBPR, Y'UV, and Y'IQ), chroma subsampling (Rec. 601, "4:2:2"), component SDTV 480i and 576i, widescreen (16:9) SDTV, progressive SDTV (480p/483p), component HDTV, composite NTSC & PAL, chroma modulation and frequency interleaving, luma-chroma separation, cross-luma and cross-color, S-video interface, setup (pedestal), sync, genlock, and interface, deinterlacing, analog NTSC & PAL broadcast standards, SECAM, consumer analog NTSC & PAL, coherent and Incoherent subcarrier.

Video compression and HDTV
Introduction to compression, JPEG and Motion-JPEG compression, DV compression, consumer DV variants (SD, LP, SDL, HD), DV digital interface (DIF), MPEG-2 video compression, frame rate and 2-3 pulldown in MPEG, picture coding types (I, P, B), motion estimation and motion-compensated interpolation, frame and field DCT types, rate control, quality issues, HDTV, 720p and 1080i systems, digital television broadcast standards in the U.S.A., Japan, and Europe, digital video interfaces (SDI, IEEE 1394, FireWire, i.LINK).

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