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This page lists resources on the Internet concerning video. I make no claim concerning completeness or accuracy, but I hope you find this useful!

Poynton's Video Engineering page
Poynton's Consumer Video page
See also Poynton's links to Color, Image processing, and Vision.

DMOZ. the open directory project, has a page of links on television technology.

I just discovered two very good articles, with excellent graphics, at TJFX in London, on Digital compositing: part one and part two.


EBU, European Broadcasting Union
BKSTS, The Moving Image Society (UK)
ATSC, Advanced Television Systems Committee
ATSC has a web site, and the ATSC HDTV standards are available.
SID, Society for Information Display
ITU-R - International Telecommunications Union, Radiocommunication Sector
List of ITU-R Recommendations in force (Broadcasting service (television)
Fraunhofer's Image Communication Information Board has compiled information concerning image and video standards, and has - probably without authorization! - made available copies of several important video standards:
Pointers to many cable, broadcast and satellite resources can be found at CableLabs.
SPIE The International Society for Optical Engineering
NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories
NHK Hi-Vision (HDTV)
Society of Broadcast Engineers
ETSI (European standards)
ANSI T1 (Telecommunications)
HDTV Newsletter
IEEE 1394 ("FireWire") Trade Association

Resources on the Web

Application notes, by Mark Everett at Videotek

RF CURRENT, by Doug Lung

8-VSB by Zenith

BBC R&D Papers
including a very good MPEG-2 Video compression, tutorial by P.N. Tudor,
and an excellent paper by J.H. Stott, Explaining some of the magic of COFDM

John Watkinson - need we say more?

Rick Davis Digital Video page

Chris Pirazzi's excellent [though somewhat SGI-specific] Lurker's Guide to Video

Tektronix - Measurement notes - App Notes

Dave Wilson's FOURCC (Four Character Code) - you thought there were too many video recording formats in the studio world, wait 'til you see the definitive list from PC space!

Tomi Engdahl's Video Technology Page - a huge bunch o' links


Larry Jandro's home page

DVD Frequently Asked Questions by Jim Taylor at VideoDiscovery

Dolby AC-3 Audio Coding information on the Lucasfilm THX pages. This is an excellent overview; if you want detailed specifications you should access the ATSC A52 standard available at the ATSC web site.


Colour Technology Forum

Colour Charts from IEC 1146-1

Pilot European Image Processing Archive maintained by Adrian Clark

John Cowie's video engineering information (w/ SCART)

Rob Lingelbach's Telecine Internet Group

Hi-Vision Promotion Center (HDTV)

Steven Hosgood's PAL Plus pages

I2C Zone, I2C FAQ.

Video is just pictures but television includes sound. See the AES links page.

PBS - ATV transmission planning questions for public television stations

WebOvision's Television Links

Adrian Verity's Control-L page

What Is DV? (DVC? DVCAM? DVCPRO?) by Bertel Schmitt and Alexei Gerulaitis

Video recording formats

Dave Moisan's Closed Caption Link Page

Rich Young's Video & the Internet: A Bookmarked Introduction

Rien Post

OII - Video Interchange Standards

Video Display Evaluation Suite

TV Net E-mail addresses

Video systems engineers

In a category of his own: Vision Unlimited/LA by C.R. Caillouet - HDTV system & location engineering, par excellence. The LA is Louisiana, not Los Angeles - C.R. is Cajun, eh!


sci.engr.television.advanced concerns engineering issues of advanced television, particularly high definition television (HDTV).

sci.engr.television.broadcast concerns television production and broadcasting, primarily conventional television.


Inside Cable U.K. publication.

Electronic Engineering Times (EE Times)


A Technical Introduction to Digital Video by - you guessed it - Charles Poynton

Video Demystified by Keith Jack


Albacores-IP My colleague Pasquale Leone has launched his small company; he is designing cores for video and audio signal processing. Today, Albacores offers a multistandard TV audio decoder and a TV-VBI data slicer; more products are forthcoming.

Adaptec - Consumer and Professional Digital Video Recording and Data Formats (actually, DV and IEEE 1394)


Grass Valley Group

JVC Professional

Philips Sound & Vision - New Technologies

Sony Digital Handycam

Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc - SMPTE [timecode] QuickGuide

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