BDMY-397 (ON) blue Range Rover

A thoughtless, inconsiderate person drives the dark blue Range Rover, Ontario plate BDMY-397, in Toronto.

On 2011-06-16, he parked for 90 minutes at metered parking in front of 1073 College St., displaying a Toronto disabled accessible parking permit, and with no parking payment receipt displayed in his windshield. The vehicle is equipped with a hypersensitive theft alarm. It sounded five times in the 90 minutes he was parked there (for example, when a motorcycle drove by).

When the able-bodied driver returned to his vehicle (alone, not accompanied by any disabled person!) I approached him – very politely, I might add – to suggest that he get the motion detector sensitivity turned down to prevent false alarms, but he hardly looked up from his BlackBerry, and told me to “go bother someone else.”

I’m documenting this incident in case you’re considering establishing a business (or other) relationship with this person – think twice. And if you witness flagrant misuse of the disabled parking permit, call the Disabled Liaison Unit of the Toronto parking enforcement, +1 416 808 6690, and report it. It will help if you pull the number from the permit and report that – such permits are issued to the disabled person, not to the vehicle.

If you’re the man himself: A statement is not libellous unless it’s false.

Copyright © 2011-06-16
Charles Poynton