SCAM: Cancun Calling – Sunset Hotel Group

I received a call from +1 630 869 6891. An automatic voice system announced that they have been given my number by Walmart, Zellers, and/or the Bay [not likely], or that a family member gave them my phone number [which I do not believe]. The announcement says that I will receive a $2500 credit towards a dream vacation [which I do not believe].

They call themselves Cancun Calling; they're associated with Sunset Hotel Group, and with “RCI Timeshare”; RCI stands for Resorts and Condominiums International.

I consider it a scam. I believe that they're making hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of unsolicited phone calls. I imagine that the calls originate from Mexico, so they are immune from Canadian (and presumably American) “do not call” restrictions.

You can watch a fairly humourous video about these guys.

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Charles Poynton