MCS Credit Card Services

This outfit is apparently wasting the time of millions of people, calling using an ADAD (see below) with a recording that starts like “We have discovered that you are paying too much interest on your credit card.” I guess it doesn’t take a three-digit IQ to figure out that it’s a scam. I pressed “1” and was connected to a (live, human, subuman, or pithecanthropoid) operator. When I asked politely to be removed, the operator immediately hung up on me. Her paycheck presumably depends upon completed sales, not upon complaint resolution.

The caller ID number that my phone recorded was 1 616 980 2885 – calling that number prompts for removal of a phone number from their list, but who knows whether or not that is effective.

The company is apparently Mutual Consolidated Savings.

Searching Gooogle for “mcs credit card services” brings up an entire page of links to pages with titles like Telemarketing Calls Come with Hefty Price Tag, complaining about the practices of the company. This page gives a good summary of what to expect. As time goes on, the value of the company ought to decrease, perhaps (if we’re lucky) putting it out of business.

Bell Canada, the CRTC and the federal Department of Communications are embarassingly inept when it comes to dealing with such scammers. You can read the New and revised Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules. Automatic Dialing and Announcing Devices (ADADs) like the ones that MCS are using are prohibited. But, MCS is across the border (in the U.S.), so it isn't clear to me what restrictions apply or could be enforced in Canada. You can complain to the CRTC, using the online Complaints and Inquiries Form, or by telephone at 1 877 249 2782. Don't expect prompt action or satisfaction.