Improved display techniques; Sequential and interlaced scanning

C.K.P. Clarke of BBC Research presented a paper at IBC 86; it was published in the proceedings of that conference, and is properly cited as follows:

Clarke, C.K.P., "Improved display techniques based on sequentially scanned studio and transmission standards," Proceedings of International Broadcasting Convention, IBC 86 (IEE Conference Publication No. 268), 210-214.

Clarke's paper was revised and expanded, and published by the BBC in November, 1987:

Clarke, C.K.P., "Future television systems: Comparison of sequential and interlaced scanning," BBC Research Report RD 1987/18 (Tadworth, Surrey, U.K.: BBC, 1987)

John Drewery, also of BBC Research, presented a paper at IBC eight years later:

Drewery, J.O., "Interlace and MPEG - Can motion compensation help?" Proceedings of International Broadcasting Convention, IBC 94, (IEE Conference Publication No. 397 Supplement: Late papers).
Drewery’s paper (available in PDF form) incorrectly cites Clarke's paper: It is alleged to have been presented and published at  IBC 84, and alleged to appear in IEE Conference Publication No. 240.

I created this page to save you a few hours of work in the library, in case you're searching on the web for Clark's paper. Of the publicly accessible technical libraries in Canada, only CISTI has IBC 84. However, if you're in Toronto, invite me to lunch and I'll give you a copy of the paper.