RISC/UNIX Workstations in Desktop Color Prepress


For many years, prepress specialists have the advantages of RISC UNIX at the back end of prepress, in performance-intensive systems for color separation, retouching, page assembly, page imposition, and PostScript interpretation (RIPping). The performance levels required for these applications has traditionally required large, server-class machines. However, as the performance of desktop machines improves, these applications are moving to high-performance desktop workstations. This paper describes how increased accessibility of these applications is causing traditional high-end, closed, specialized systems to be opened up: as the applications migrate from the back rooms out onto desktops, a wider class of users wants access to them.

I presented this paper at Youngblood/IBEC's DeskTop PrePress Today - Colour Conference 92, Toronto, March 26, 1992.

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