Charles Poynton – Seminars/Webinars/Workshops

Upcoming in-person,
public presentation:

Thu./Fri. Oct. 29/30, 2015, DFFB/UP.GRADE, Berlin:
ACES from Theory to Making IDTs workshop.
Upcoming webinars:

No webinars are scheduled at the moment.
Webinars not scheduled
at the moment:

Several webinars are “in inventory” and ready to go at the drop of a hat; I’ve presented them in the past, but they’re unscheduled at the moment. Drop a line if you’d like to experience any of them:
  ACES in 12 Viewgraphs
[[one 90‑minute session; typically, USD 90.]]
  ACES 1.0 and Beyond
[[typically, two two-hour sessions; typically, USD 240.]]
  Colour Pipeline for HD Display
[[typically, three two-hour sessions, 11:00–13:00 ET.]]
  Math and Colour Science for Colourists (ACES)
[[typically, three two-hour sessions, 11:00–13:00 ET.]]
  Gamma 2.2, 2.4, 2.6
[[typically, one two-hour session.]]
Colour Technology for Video Designers, Artists, and Editors
[[typically, three 90‑minute sessions, 11:00–12:30 ET]]
Colour Pipeline for HD Display
[[typically, three 90‑minute sessions, 11:00–12:30 EDT]]

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