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On this page you will find links to several archaic documents that I have written concerning the Macintosh. Several documents are available in Acrobat PDF format.

Before I go any further, if you use Frame (or any high-end DTP product) on a Mac, let me suggest that you rip out your TrueType fonts !

Macintosh Dialup Internet Access

These notes describe how to configure and use a Macintosh to access the Internet through an Internet access provider that offers dialup PPP service. A document specific to InfoRamp is available; a generic version applies to any ISP.

Accessing the IBM Global Network from a Macintosh

IBM Global Network, a.k.a. IBM Internet Connection (sometimes known in the USA and Canada as Advantis), is a large and comprehensive supplier of Internet access services. Access to IBM Global Network is only officially "supported" on Windows, OS/2 and AIX operating systems, but because the network operates with open, standard protocols, it is possible to gain access using a Macintosh through a SLIP connection.

Viewing PostScript on a Macintosh

You can view and print PostScript on a Mac.

Gamma Correction on the Apple Macintosh

This note details the treatment of gamma correction on Apple Macintosh (tm) computers.

Introduction to RIPping

Raster Image Processing, or RIPping, refers to the conversion of a PostScript file to a high-resolution bitmap, a necessary process in typographic-quality printing. RIPping is performed by the PostScript interpreter that resides in a laser printer or filmsetter. You can access several brief documents that introduce you to RIPping, in order to get a document from a Macintosh to a commercial printer.

Mac startup keys

Upon powering-up or restarting, various pieces of Mac ROM and System software examine the keyboard, and take special actions if certain keys are held down. This page sumarizes the actions.