Viewing PostScript on a Macintosh

This page outlines shareware and freeware methods to view and print PostScript on a Mac. See also Macintouch's PostScript RIP alternatives.


You can view and print PostScript on a Mac using Thomas Kiffe's MacGhostView, version 2.1. This port is essentially a stand-alone subset of CMacTEX 3.6, based on GhostScript version 6.0.1; visit Thomas' MacGhostView page. These files unpack into approximately 8 MB:


Mac GS is port of GhostScript version 5.5 to the Mac, ported by Jeff Schindall in conjunction with Aladdin Enterprises.

You can consult Aladdin's ghostscript page.

You can consult the manual:

macgsmanual.html (HTML format, 24085 bytes)

Then, you can download the installer:

macgs-550-installer.bin (MacBinary format, 4660864 bytes)


Mark Lentczner of Glyphic Technology ported GhostScript 3.33 to the Mac; this was released as Mac GS Viewer 1.0. Glyphic no longer supports this version; it is obsolete.


Prior to the release of Mac GhostView, I wrote a document that explains how to view and print PostScript on a Macintosh using Adobe's commercial Acrobat Distiller. The note contains an introduction to PostScript, information about Printing PostScript on a Mac, a section concerning Viewing and printing PostScript on a Mac, and an introduction to Encapsulated PostScript (EPS). The document is now somewhat dated.

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