MomakuCharles Poynton -
Independent contractor

(PDF résumé and other background documents are available.)

I am an independent contractor - call me a consultant if you must - specializing in the physics, mathematics, and engineering of digital color imaging systems, including digital video, HDTV, and digital cinema (D-cinema). [In Canada, we spell it colour.] I do technology forecasting, systems modelling, algorithm development (including digital filter design), video signal processing architecture, color characterization and calibration, and image quality assessment. I live and work in Toronto.

For about a decade, I have been using Mathematica to do analysis, design, modelling, and simulation of signal, color, and video processing systems. I have recently added MATLAB to my toolkit, including Simulink, the DSP Blockset, the Image Processing Toolbox, the Optimization Toolbox, and the Signal Processing Toolbox.

I pay a great deal of attention to communicating my work, both to my clients (by writing technical reports, proposals, analysis documents, and the like), and to the wider community (by teaching courses and seminars and by writing books). I execute my own illustrations (using Adobe Illustrator), and typeset my own work (using Adobe FrameMaker).

I have been working primarily in these areas:

Many of the companies that I work for prefer that fact not to be made public. So I cannot tell you here - or perhaps even at all - who they are.

Sometimes, I charge a per diem rate; sometimes I take fixed-price contracts. Sometimes I perform contracts without leaving my office in Toronto; sometimes I travel to my clients' facilities. Sometimes I consult over the telephone, for an hourly rate. If you're interested in having me consult for your organization, telephone me and we'll discuss your needs, my references, and my rates.

If you're considering hiring me, perhaps you're interested in my medium and long-term goals.

2014-09-01 01:53 EDT