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Contact information:
Charles Poynton
156 Bartlett Avenue
Toronto, ON M6H 3G1
home office: +1 416 535 7187
e-mail: concatenate surname at surname dot com

If I'm unavailable by phone, leave a voicemail message at my usual home office number, above. I'll typically call you back within a few hours. If you have an urgent matter, you can contact me by cellphone.

Biographical data is available, in several formats.

A photo is available, taken at SIGGRAPH 2004 by John Fujii. (667 KiB, 1Kx1K JPEG/JFIF, or a smaller one, 37 KiB, 512x512 JPEG/JFIF)

A sketch is available, thanks to Kevin Melia. I've since shaved my beard (of 31 years).

Another picture was drawn by my sis Peggy Poynton using MacDraw version 1.0, just shortly after the introduction of the Mac, a quarter of a century ago (!). (If I'm not mistaken, that's a SIGGRAPH '86 T-shirt. If you can confirm that logo, let me know!)

Please don't ship things to me by UPS. They charge me an outrageous brokerage fee, and have horrible customer service. Stephen Mann and others have similar opinions. Please avoid DHL; they pass the shipment on to some other company when it crosses the border into Canada. Use FedEx or USPS instead.

You can obtain my PGP key and my vCard.

I jotted down some rambling thoughts.

Have a bite and a yack in one of my favourite places in Toronto!

Invitations to Google: If you're human, dont' bother reading these! this, that, and the other; and a few more.

Eons ago, my ISP was This link is here so that the search engines will find it.

Finally, there are links. Artifacts from when the web was young. Moribund.

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