Charles Poynton -
Courses & seminars (2004)

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I presented a half-day tutorial Filtering, sampling, and resampling: The mathematics of format conversion at the HPA Tech Retreat in Palm Springs, on February 4, 2004.

Cine Gear Expo In Los Angeles, on Sunday, June 13, I presented a 2-hour Master Class entitled Practical color theory for the Digital Cinematographer as part of Cine Gear Expo.

On June 14, at Panavisions's screening room in Los Angeles, I presented a 1-day workshop Color for Digital Cinema: Origination, Mastering, and Display. This workshop was of interest to cinematographers, assistant cinematographers, and digital imaging technicians who work with digital acquisition (especially 1080p24), electronic intermediates, and digital projection. The event was organized by ETC, and is co-sponsored by Cine Gear Expo and Panavision.

JTS2004 In Toronto, on Thursday, June 24, I presented a 1-hour tutorial entitled An Archivist's Introduction to Digital Image Science as part of JTS2004, an international symposium of image and sound archivists.

On Sunday, August 8, Garrett Johnson and I presented a full-day course Color science and color appearance models for CG, HDTV, and D-cinema as part of SIGGRAPH (in Los Angeles).

Tuesday, Sept. 21
London, England
Full-day workshop,
Colour Technology for Digital Cinema and the Digital Intermediate
organized by BKSTS

Tuesday, Nov. 10
Scottsdale, Arizona
Half-day "tutorial" (though "workshop" might be a better word)
Color Science for Digital Cinema
part of IS&T/SID's 12th Color Imaging Conference.

Tuesday, Nov. 10
Scottsdale, Arizona
2-hour "tutorial" (though "workshop" might be a better word)
Color Appearance Issues in Digital Cinema Exhibition
part of IS&T/SID's 12th Color Imaging Conference.

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